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  • Wrote like 1800 words about A Hard Day’s Night, which turns 50 on Sunday
  • Kind of defended Tammy, which is surprisingly kind of likeable
  • Didn’t defend Deliver Us from Evil, which is shit
  • Kind of defended Earth to Echo, and talked to its director, Dave Green, about making camcorder movies when we were kids
  • Naturally liked Life Itself, the Roger Ebert doc, and talked to both Chaz Ebert and director Steve James
  • Did a piece on Mutual Friends, an indie that’s only available online
  • Introduced a new column (actually a revision of the former Blu/DVD column) called You Can’t Watch That on Netflix, this time about Criterion’s new All That Heaven Allows set, and also about things online, like Kevin B. Lee’s awesome Transformers: The Premake
  • Attended the 25th anniversary screening of Do the Right Thing, and wrote about what Spike Lee and cast said there



  • Did this massive defense for Tom Cruise as a terrific actor we’ve unfairly 
  • Did the above partly because his new film, Edge of Tomrorrow, is the shit
  • Sat through The Fault in Our Stars and it honestly wasn’t terrible
  • Reviewed Obvious Child
  • Did an "indie spotlight" deal so I could write quickie blurbs about Borgman, The Case Against 8 and The Sacrament 
  • Once again talked to Bobcat Goldthwait, about his new found footage horror Willow Creek, and as usual he was awesome
  • Talked to Shep Gordon, the subject of Mike Myers’ documentary Supermensch, which I reviewed here
  • Talked to Judah Friedlander, who has a bit part in Ping Pong Summer but who told me all about his passion for table tennis, a sport at which I am terrible
  • Talked to Marco Bellocchio about his new film Dormant Beauty
  • Wrote about the fourth (!!) cut of Olvier Stone’s Alexander
  • Last week I went to Berlin and I wrote about it at length for a travel piece right here

— Reviewed Neighbors, and talked to stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne
— Reviewed Mom’s Night Out
— Reviewed Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, which is hilarious
— Reviewed Chef
— Reviewed Palo Alto
— Reviewed The Double
— Reviewed God’s Pocket, and talked to director John Slattery
— Reviewed Devil’s Knot, and talked to West Memphis Three member Jason Baldwin
— Reviewed the restoration of Patrice Chéreau’s Queen Margot
— Wrote about Trouble Every Day as part of my Blu/DVD column
— Late, but I posted my piece on Emma Stone


  • I flipped for JIm Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive
  • And I talked to Tilda
  • And I talked to Steve Coogan, at some length, about Alan Partridge and Alan Partridge
  • On a less happy front, I had to see Rio 2
  • Liked Draft Day just fine, actually
  • Nicolas Cage, as you may have heard, is real fuckin good in David Gordon Green’s Joe, though luckily he’s still crazy
  • Cuban Fury, with a hoofing Nick Frost, is lazy but affable (but lazy) (but affable) [etc.]
  • My Blu-ray/DVD column this week was about Warner Archive’s release of the James Cagney western The Oklahoma Kid, in which I talked a bit about how the majors didn’t make many westerns in the 1930s
  • And unfortunately had to do an obit for Mickey Rooney

I missed last week, so here’s that, too:

— Reviewed Noah

— Wrote a Noah-related "think piece" about this sudden insurgence of Judeo-Christian-related Hollywood cinema

— Reviewed Sabotage

— Reviewed The Raid 2, which is alright

— Wasn’t crazy about Cesar Chavez, but did talk to its director, Diego Luna, about it anyway

— Did enjoy The National doc Mistaken for Strangers, and also talked to Matt Berninger and his bro/filmmaker Tom

— Wrote about the dark dark dark comedy Cheap Thrills

— Liked Ernest & Celestine

— Made my weekly Blu/DVD roundup about Frank and Eleanor Perry’s The Swimmer

— Wrote a semi-defense of David Lynch’s Dune

— Used the occasion of a new MST3K-ish thing on Nat Geo to dig up Chris Fujiwara’s famous takedown of the show