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  • I flipped for JIm Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive
  • And I talked to Tilda
  • And I talked to Steve Coogan, at some length, about Alan Partridge and Alan Partridge
  • On a less happy front, I had to see Rio 2
  • Liked Draft Day just fine, actually
  • Nicolas Cage, as you may have heard, is real fuckin good in David Gordon Green’s Joe, though luckily he’s still crazy
  • Cuban Fury, with a hoofing Nick Frost, is lazy but affable (but lazy) (but affable) [etc.]
  • My Blu-ray/DVD column this week was about Warner Archive’s release of the James Cagney western The Oklahoma Kid, in which I talked a bit about how the majors didn’t make many westerns in the 1930s
  • And unfortunately had to do an obit for Mickey Rooney

I missed last week, so here’s that, too:

— Reviewed Noah

— Wrote a Noah-related "think piece" about this sudden insurgence of Judeo-Christian-related Hollywood cinema

— Reviewed Sabotage

— Reviewed The Raid 2, which is alright

— Wasn’t crazy about Cesar Chavez, but did talk to its director, Diego Luna, about it anyway

— Did enjoy The National doc Mistaken for Strangers, and also talked to Matt Berninger and his bro/filmmaker Tom

— Wrote about the dark dark dark comedy Cheap Thrills

— Liked Ernest & Celestine

— Made my weekly Blu/DVD roundup about Frank and Eleanor Perry’s The Swimmer

— Wrote a semi-defense of David Lynch’s Dune

— Used the occasion of a new MST3K-ish thing on Nat Geo to dig up Chris Fujiwara’s famous takedown of the show


Sorry. Fell behind on this. For three months. But I wanted to show how much I wrote this week:

— Review of Nymphomaniac: Volume I, plus interviews with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard and Christian Slater
— Review of Muppets Most Wanted, of which I am a fan and everyone else is wrong
— Review of Blood Ties, which is more admirable than it sometimes deserves to be, plus my chat with Billy Crudup
— Review of The Missing Picture, a terrific, innovative doc about the Khmer Rouge
— Review of Jodorowsky’s Dune, and my really long interview with its director Frank Pavich
— Review of Particle Fever, which is an awesome movie about science
— Review of Bethlehem
My interview with Emily Mortimer, Dolly Wells and Azazel Jacobs about their ace HBO show Doll & Em
— Also talked to Jim Broadbent about Le Week-End
— My round-up of six films at the new New Directors/New Films
— My piece on the new Criterion Blu of Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress



  • Did a lot of Oldboy stuff. Here’s my review. I didn’t hate it at all. Sorry, world.
  • I didn’t get a question into Spike Lee during a roundtable, but here’s my report on what he said.
  • Did talk to Elizabeth Olsen.
  • And Sharlo Copley.
  • And Michael Imperioli.
  • I also didn’t hate Homefront, though it’s not very good.
  • And then I talked to Jason Statham, who is very hilarious in person.
  • It’s strange, but I did mostly take to Black Nativity. (A Kasi Lemmons interview is also en route. I’ve been cramming a week’s worth of work into three days.)
  • Predictably not down with Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, but in a way I didn’t anticipate.
  • The Kathleen Hanna doc The Punk Singer is pretty interesting until it’s less so (but still moving)
  • Did a round-up thing of winter/Oscar movies.
  • Wrote just a little bit more about The Canyons for the Blu/DVD column.


  • This Hunger Games sequel is not bad
  • Delivery Man is not that funny and has too much heart and does nothing with Vince Vaughn
  • Steve Coogan is a stone cold genius and I have little idea of why he co-wrote and co-starred in Philomena
  • The reissue of Roman Polanski’s Jackie Stewart doc Weekend of a Champion is aight
  • Michel Gondry’s Noam Chomsky film Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? is good
  • Narco Cultura, a grim doc about the drug war and thoughtless thug musicians is good, too, but a bit repetitive
  • Talked to Peter Bogdanovich and went a bit Chris Farley Show on him but edited it so I didn’t come off like a total boob (and asked him about Nickelodeon, Saint Jack, Opening Night and other things)
  • Talked to Michel Gondry about talking to Noam Chomsky, science, not faking analogue with digital and the boring parts of making documentaries
  • I went to the Roman Polanski Skype presser that was here and wrote about it (but not so much how fucking weird it was)
  • For this JFK assassination anniversary, I rounded up a bunch of JFK assassination-related films, making room for Bruce Conner’s Report, John Waters’ Eat Your Makeup, the Dalton Trumbo-scripted Executive Action, in addition to JFK and stuff
  • Blu-ray/DVD column this week is on Tokyo Story and how it rules
  • Parks and Recreation is on winter/holiday vacay, but I recapped its last two episodes before it goes
  • The most important thing I did all week was write about the history of Bond supervillain Ernst Blofeld and why he hasn’t been on screens in 30 years


Of course I neglected to post all my work from last week, probably because I was still busy doing work. Anyway, let’s get this over with:

This week:

Last week:

* It’s actually Berkley, but I didn’t want to wreck the “joke.”


  • The Ender’s Game movie is weirdly not dumb and has a pleasingly intense focus
  • Last Vegas didn’t make me want to kill myself but still
  • Looks like I’m going to be in the minority on Dallas Buyers Club
  • Richard Curtis’ About Time is pretty okay for an hour
  • Keanu Reeves directs Man of Tai Chi and isn’t bad at it
  • Was really taken with Let the Fire Burn, the documentary about the 1985 MOVE bombing in Philadelphia
  • Talked to Keanu Reeves, who is someone, apparently, and in person no less, while his face was marked with fake blood (he was on break from a movie shoot)
  • Also talked to Bill Nighy for About Time
  • Also talked to Mary Steenburgen, who is predictably totally wonderful, for Last Vegas
  • And talked to Romany Malco for Last Vegas, as well, and he was also cool
  • Finally, talked to James Toback about his doc Seduced and Abandoned, wherein he and Alec Baldwin try to get a crazy Iraq-set sex drama funded at Cannes ‘12
  • Pulled together a piece on Aziz Ansari from a conference call
  • The Blu-ray/DVD round-up this week concerns Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer films (Funeral in Berlin is back on DVD courtesy Warner Archive)



  • I’m on Team 12 Years a Slave 
  • And on Team All is Lost 
  • And (mostly) on Team Carrie
  • NOT ON TEAM The Fifth Estate, which is useless garbage
  • Did semi-quickie blurbs on Camille Claudel, 1915 and Haunter, one of which greatly disappointed me
  • Wrote some blurbs (with Gary M. Kramer) for The Philadelphia Film Festival, which begins tonight. Includes words on The Immigrant, Blue is the Warmest Color, Alan Partridge, etc., etc. (but not a third etc.)
  • Talked to David V. Picker, longtime exec who was president of United Artists in the ’60s and ’70s and was thus responsible for James Bond movies, Woody Allen movies, A Hard Day’s Night, bringing Ingmar Bergman, Bernardo Bertolucci and François Truffaut films to America, etc., etc. (He was also involved with Ishtar and other disasters, which he still does not like.)
  • Talked to Bradley Whitford about when NYC was dangerous as shit and about that time he went to Alphabet City when he was an acting student in the ’80s and bought some heroin (but did not take it)
  • Did a DVD/Blu-ray round-up of some horror movies coming out, including Criterion’s Blu upgrade of Eyes Without a Face and the 10th anniversary edition of Love Actually
  • Finally! A recapped the latest Parks and Rec.
Also read Sean Burns get into The Escape Plan.